Behavioral Notifications

Show highly personalized messages via banners when users are browsing your website.

Get up and running in a matter of minutes. Just copy and paste our JavaScript into your website and you’ll be able to show banners to users anywhere on your site.


Triggered Notifications

Trigger these banners based on pre-defined business rules.

Define triggers based on the user’s behavioral attributes on the site such as time spent on the site, scroll depth, exit intent, and other events.

Dynamic Personalization

Personalize the content in the banner based on user attributes, event attributes etc.

Greet users with content that interests them based on demonstrated and predicted category affinities.

Banner Styles

Our rich text editor makes it possible for your marketing team to design beautiful, customizable banners that blend well with your website and that too, without having to depend on technology.

Just login to our admin panel, choose a style and configure the content.

Banner Styles

Show the Right Content to the Right User

Deliver personalized product recommendations using your own online real estate. These banners blend perfectly with your site unlike overlay pop-ups.

These are typically used to serve multiple recommendations to the users based on what they are looking at on the site. Recommendations are triggered based on the segment the user belongs to or on his previous browsing history or on his predicted category affinities. Dynamic recommendations are conducive to improving the revenue and lifetime value of the customer.

Show the right content to the right user

In-page Banners

Act on the user's behavioral trends and personalize your site's homepage, landing page, product page and others.

Encourage them to make their first purchase with highly customized and targeted messaging based on their lifecycle stage and category affinity.

In-page Banners

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