Push Notifications

Triggered & Batch Push Notifications

Send automated realtime push notifications based on the actions performed by users in your app like 'cart abandoned', 'app launched', 'product viewed' etc or send bulk push notifications to a group of users as a one-time scheduled activity or as a recurring activity.

Personalize your Push Notifications for better ROI

Make your push notifications feel personal to the users by templating them with user's profile data such as name, location and behavioral data such as products viewed, items in cart etc

Serve Dynamic Recommendations tailored to each User's Journey

Deliver hyper personalized push notifications using your catalogue data, CRM data or any other third party data. Serve recommendations like 'recently viewed', 'top sellers', 'you may also like', 'viewed this also viewed' without any additional coding.

Measure the performance of your Push Notifications in Realtime

Don't just limit yourselves to tracking push opens & clicks but measure how each push notification campaign is helping you achieve your conversion goals in realtime.

Multiple in-built Templates. No coding required.

Create visually appealing push notifications from a set of pre-designed templates: simple text, rich push, carousel push, audio, video and GIF.


Hyper-local location based targeting is the next big thing in mobile marketing. Set up a virtual boundary around various business locations and send specific targeted messages to the customers that enter the boundary.

Push Amplification

Enhance the delivery of your push notifications by atleast 20% with 'Push Amplify'. It overcomes the device and network restrictions and ensures 100% reliable delivery of push notifications on all the Android devices.

Deep Linking

Deep linking push notifications enables mobile marketers send the users to a specific app screen instead of making them just revisit the home screen. This gives a very personalized experience to the app users thereby driving engagement and conversions.

Uninstall Tracking

Too many users uninstalling your app? Use 'silent push notifications' to track who has uninstalled your app and trigger a pre-designed message via email/sms to win back uninstalled users.

Frequency Capping

Limit the number of push notifications received by a user in a given time period. Overwhelming number of messages can annoy the users and ultimately lead to the user uninstalling the app.

Silent Hours

Sending communication during non-business hours of the day will make your marketing investments go in vain. Setting up 'silent hours' will ensure that all the messages are queued and delivered during the next business day.

Notification Center

Boost app engagement with Notification center. It lets your users store push notification messages inside their app and access them anytime at their convenience

Send Time Optimization

Send right push message at the right time to the users. Our 'Send Time Optimization' based on machine learning algorithms automatically optimizes the push messages to be delivered when the users are most likely to engage.

In-App Notifications

In-App Messaging

Show pop-up banners while the users are engaging with your app. Marketing within your app is integral to drive conversions, user engagement, and retention.

Combining the power of our targeting engine with your Analytics data gives you the ability to take action on key user insights.