Push Notifications

Mobile Push Notifications

Bring latent or less engaged users back into your app with powerful Push Messaging.

Run triggered push notifications based on the lifecycle events of the user or schedule batch push campaigns.

Behavioral Segmentation & Personalization

Engage with your users on a personal level. Address them by their names, include offers on their favorite products and give out unique coupon codes.

Tailor the push message to the right audience group, and encourage them to visit your website. Create segments based on any custom user behavior or profile data or predictive intelligence or combine multiple parameters. Demography, Geo-targeting and Event Based segments help create meaningful user buckets.

Push Personalization with Product Feeds

Use your product feed to deliver Personalized Recommendations, Show Bestsellers, Similar Products and more.

With a simple Push Notification, deliver the same personalized experience to the user that he/she had while browsing your site.

Performance Tracking

Measure metrics such as send rates, open rates, click rates, etc. Define goal events and track successful conversions.

Deeplink the push notifications and bring the user back onto your app. Track the success of push notification campaigns with Enterprise Class reporting and in-built data visualization

Push Notification Styles

Gamooga supports all styles of push notifications, right from text and image based notifications to carousel and audio/video ones.

In-App Notifications

In-App Messaging

Show pop-up banners while the users are engaging with your app. Marketing within your app is integral to drive conversions, user engagement, and retention.

Combining the power of our targeting engine with your Analytics data gives you the ability to take action on key user insights.

Dynamic Notifications

Personalize the notification messages being shown to your visitors with their personal data or activity like name, checkout prices, product added to cart etc.