Gamooga for Edtech Players

Powerful behavioral targeting through dynamic personalized content


Establish a strong onboarding experience to improve chances of retention by 30%

Looking to boost his results in upcoming board exams, Tom comes on the website of a leading Edtech player through one of the Facebook Ads. On landing, he sees a registration form asking his email ID and contact number to continue exploring the site. As soon as he fills the form, he receives an email to verify his email ID along with some pointers to get started. He clicks on the link to verify his email and lands back on the website.


Personalized SMS can improve conversion rate by 25% & reduce users opting DND by 15%

After landing back on the website, Tom browses through the free study material, mock tests and lesson videos. In between a test, he leaves the websites without completing his action. Soon after he is retargeted through an SMS during his preferred hours, asking him to download the Edtech App and continue learning without any pauses. John downloads the app, logs in and continues browsing.


Personalize communication based on actionable insights for 2X increase in sign-ups for paid packages

Tom has been learning through the free material for two weeks now, however hasn’t opted for paid subscription yet. Based on his information and behavioral activities like course details viewed, lessons started/completed, tests taken and test results, he receives proactive push notifications the next week with personalized recommendations of paid packages that could help improve his learning curve; backed by social proofs. He clicks on one of the notifications and starts exploring the packages.


Personalized user journeys can improve Mobile App Revenue by 50%

Using his paid subscription, Tom is now able to access premium content like webinars, live classes, etc. He registers for one of the webinars but didn’t attend. The next day, during his usual active hours he receives a push notification informing him about the webinar he missed now being live on the App/website. Notification also provides a deep link to the video. He clicks on the link and lands back on the app to watch the webinar.