Solution for Music App


Reduce initial App uninstalls by 60% by giving an engaging first time App experience to users

Ron is a big music buff and likes to listen to his favorite songs online as and when he pleases. He recently downloaded a Music App on recommendation of a friend. As soon as he opens the App he sees an in-app pop-up asking his preferences and favorites in music genres, artists, etc. After he is done selecting preferences he is presented with a playlist lined up as per his taste getting him hooked immediately.


Improve lead generation 25% by showing right message at the right time

Recently, Ron has moved to a new location where he has a weak internet connection. He’s now experiencing a lot of buffering while hearing to tunes online and so he tries to download one of his favorite songs. As he clicks on the download button, he’s shown a banner asking him to enjoy free premium subscription and unlimited downloads for a month by registering with them. Ron likes the sound of uninterrupted HD music and immediately enters his email ID and creates an account.


Spike up App engagement rate by 3X by sending customized recommendations through various channels

Ron hasn’t been back on the Music App for almost 3 days now. His music streaming history suggests him being a big fan of Coldplay. He receives a push notification and email announcing the launch of new hit by Coldplay. He instantly clicks on the notification and lands on the App to enjoy the song.


Personalize communication using predictive analysis and enhance retention rate by 30%

Ron’s free premium subscription is about to end tomorrow. His past actions suggest that Ron faces slow internet issues thus prefer listening to music offline. He is sent an SMS message offering 20% off on the original price of premium subscription is he renews it today. He reads through the benefits of paid subscription and finds it beneficial for himself. He immediately clicks on the link, lands of the website and purchases paid subscription at a handsome discount.