Gamooga for Video Streaming Apps

Dynamic push notifications and in-app messaging created in real-time for enhanced user engagement


Real-time personalization can improve user activation rate by as high as 3X

Leslie downloads an online video streaming App to explore a new series to watch. She browses through some of the video content, makes few searches and leaves the App without watching anything. Within minutes of exiting the App, she receives a push notification with content suggestions personalized as per browsing history. She likes the suggestion, clicks on the notification & lands back on the App.


Go creative with push notifications to increase user engagement rate by 20%

Leslie abandons the App within 10 minutes of starting the new series. After an hour, she receives a video push notification with direct link to the episode she was watching saying “continue watching.” After a while she finds spare time to catch the episode again, clicks on the video notification and directly lands back on the content she was watching earlier.


Relevant in-app banners, timed right can enhance conversions by 30%

After episode 1 ends, the video stops playing on loop and an in-app message is displayed asking her to buy premium subscription to continue watching. Leslie leaves the App without opting for the purchase. In next few hours, she receives a video push notification giving sneak peek into episode 2 & deep link to purchase the subscription. Leslie clicks on the notification, purchases premium subscription and continues watching.


Send content recommendations based on user’s past actions/preferences for higher retention rate

After finishing a web series in the thriller genre, Leslie hasn’t returned to the App for almost two days. Her browsing history suggests that apart from thriller genre, she has also browsed through the horror genre. During her most active hours, she receives a personalized push notification with content suggestions in the horror genre. She clicks on the notification and lands on the App to check it out.